let him go. image poetry

Look inwards



You Are Enough

let him go

Possibility Realms

Poetic image


everything foreign


nurse's daughter

Follow your innermost obsessions

Everything will find its place

Faith, Hope and Love - these three abide

recievers and givers


Naija, Find help. Then help others

Thou openest thine hand

Figuring me

When life serves you more than you can stand. Kneel.

The Immigrant Professional (Part 3)

The Immigrant Professional (Part 2)

The Immigrant Professional (Part 1)

Nigerian Culture on Visits

Harvest (Medical. Sensitive)

Women should rule

Kay Odepe - dancing with you

how lovely is thy house (culled from a million days of isolation)

1918 (from a million days of isolation)

Ode To The Blood Donor

Jesu ni balogun oko - Jesus is the captain of the ship (Hymn) (culled from a million days of isolation)

Black History Month

when this is over, we will say hello

little senora