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Saturday, 31 December 2022

Go to bed at night


I heard some of you are not sleeping

That you set your nighttime as worry time

That worry is keeping you up at night

That worry and lack of sleep are metamorphosing into bad health

You really need to start going to bed at night

The thing with worry is that it does not solve it

It exacerbates the situation and takes your health with it

Worry makes everything worse 

You need to try some meditation

Try some intentional casting away the cares

Say "if I can't fix it, I better cast it"

Try speaking to yourself repeatedly that "everything will be okay"

My friend, everything will be okay

I tell you

Everything will be okay

Every little thing will be okay

By Jumi Eniola Odepe

Montego Bay

Sunday, 11 December 2022

This Christmas, if you are lonely.

This Christmas
If you are lonely, God is with you.
My hands might not reach you but God is a friend.

This Christmas
If you are hopeless, God is with you.
My faith might not help you but God is your hope.

This Christmas
If you are hungry, God is with you.
My meals might not get there but God will supply.

This Christmas
If you are freezing, God is with you.
My sholls might not reach you but God is your warmth.

This Christmas
If you are homeless, God is with you.
My roof might not cover but God will provide.

This Christmas
If you are tired, God is your strength.
My arms might not get there but God is your rest.

This Christmas
If you are sick, God is your health.
My oil might not reach you but God is your balm.

This Christmas 
If you are afraid, God is with you.
My shield might not get there but God is your peace.

This Christmas. God is with you. Find hope in my words. This Christmas. God is with you.

 Xoxo 🤗 
Jumi Eniola Odepe

Sunday, 27 November 2022

The Lords World

Musings of my heart. 

This your world is beautiful Lord.

The trees stand all by themselves, held by their root.

Plants, grasses and flowers alike.

This your world is beautiful Lord.

Animals, greens and man give birth to their kind.

Humans stay nine months in the womb.

All of the others, also come in the order of life.

This your world is beautiful Lord.

The lakes, seas, and rivers never run dry.

Beaches know their boundaries.

All other water bodies alike, each knows its boundary.

They flow and flow, covering a great expanse of land.

This your world is beautiful Lord.

Rains wet the earth so you feed us with nutrients.

The soil is the basin that supports all human life.

All other organic matters, minerals, and organisms together support life.

You close your eyes, and there is famine, all flesh and grass return to thee.

This your world is beautiful Lord.

It's beautiful, I can't lie.

It's majestic, I can't bear it.

It's lovely, lovely, It's beautiful beyond my words.

Beautiful beyond my wisdom.

Jumi Eniola Odepe

Beaver Island


Monday, 14 November 2022

Black Hair, African colleague


Let me tell you something.

If you have an African colleague, she might have a different hairstyle ever so often. 

Don't be shocked each time she brings a new hairstyle to work. It might be weekly, bi-weekly, or less or more. That is the nature of black hair. 

You may say to her: "lovely hair!" if it is indeed lovely and you want to admire her. 

Remember, you are not obligated to say anything. Good or bad.

Don't ask: "a new hair again?". For you do not know the battles she fought to adorn that hair before coming to the office that day.

Don't feel bad for her, thinking: "oh she really must have it rough with her hair". Because that is far from the truth. 

Don't think: "why can't she just bring her hair as it is!". Her hair is intricate, precious pearls popcorned afro, the curliest hair of all, it's African and needs extra attention than most. She can't fully explain it to you, but you can research if you are keen.

She loves her black, African, natural hair, she adores it. but, the more you look, the less you see.

Jumoke Odepe

Mt. Arlington

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Ice cream


For there is no beauty, I say

In consuming frozen ice cream...

For ice cream, from the inception of the word

Was meant to be consumed, slightly melted...

That state between Ice and Melt.

That state where everything begins to make sense as the creamery makes its way down your phagus.

That state where it hits the spot! That state.

That's when to consume your ice cream.

May you never take your ice cream, frozen. Amen.

May you never have a world without ice cream. Amen.

May you never have a day without Hope. Amen.

Jumi Eniola Odepe


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Thursday, 3 November 2022



Ideas rule the world

But some of you are still not taking your bath daily!

Secret! Ideas do come in the shower!

Jumi Eniola Odepe

Teneriffe Islands.

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Thursday, 27 October 2022

Stuff happens

Stuff happens but...

we know, all things work together for the good of 

those who love God!

take courage, look up.

remember where your help comes from.

in the end, everything will be okay.

Jumoke Odepe


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Sunday, 23 October 2022


Photo Credit: Colin Behrens 

Why do we have names? I wonder. 

Why do we have names? You ask me.

We have names, my child. 

We have names, I tell you.

To be called that name.

When a demand is placed on us to recount.

To recount what we have done.

Be it good or evil.

That, my daughter.

That is why we have names

                                    - 'Names' by Jumi Eniola Odepe

Jumoke Eniola Odepe


Saturday, 22 October 2022

Am I slow?

No, you are not slow. Listen:

Jumi Odepe
You Are Enough

 in this techy fast-paced world

everyone has 2.5 billion answers for every question

remember this.

you’re not a slowpoke
you’re not a slacker
you’re not a scaredy-cat

live from within.

you are unique
you’ve got this
you are enough.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe

Monday, 10 October 2022

Nigeria - Corruption Impacts Everything


Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

Middle-class Nigerian elites are moving to Canada and other parts of the West. Why?  Corruption. Here is the chain; These people are running from a corrupt system; Filled with corrupt leaders who are doing corrupt things leading to a chain of corrupt events such as no roads, bad roads, no hospitals, bad hospitals, bad schools, kidnapping, and high mortality rates.

Nigerians no longer compete in or win medals in world sports such as the Olympics. Why? Corruption. Here is the chain; A talented athlete is found. The system can't afford to train him. Why? The funds that should go to paying for the athlete's training have been embezzled by the leaders of the System.

Technology: Why has there been no breakthrough in tech? Corruption.

Tokyo 2020. Many of the athletes were people of African descent representing other non-African countries. Why? They fled their countries. Why? Corruption 

Some of the best doctors in North America are Nigerians. Why? They fled their countries. Why? Corruption.

To be continued

Jumi Eniola Odepe


Saturday, 3 September 2022


You call it Autism. You call them Autistic.

Don't limit them to that. 

Research. Learn. Make the effort. Study. You will understand. 

We all deserve to be here. 

Create a world where we all feel comfortable.

A world that is easy for us all to live in.

Still confused? Watch the Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Jumi Eniola Odepe

Lagos, Nigeria

Life - Sometimes in a life


Sometimes in life, you realize you are brilliant

Brilliant than...

Than you've ever credited yourself for...

Your entire life!

Jumi Eniola Odepe

New Jersey, USA

Monday, 15 August 2022

Maximize - Live Life To The Fullest

 It's simple, but it's clear. 

Never stop evolving. 

If you don't like where you are, change it, you are not a tree.

Maximize your potential. 


Live life to the fullest. 

Live everything.

Simple. Live everything. Give it all.

Die empty.


Jumi Eniola Odepe

New Jersey

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Prayer For Those Seeking Refuge From Home

             Dedicated to those seeking refuge 

Lord, I kneel in prayer.
before thee, most high.
that you protect all those running from home.

from war-torn countries.
from domestic violence.
from teenage pregnancy.

stuck along thorny paths.

in deserts dry.
waters wild.
oceans high.

between the devil and.
the deep blue sea.
middle of nowhere.

be thee their compass.
lead them by the hand.
have mercy on them. most high.

hold their feeble hands.
strengthen their failing feet.
fortify their weary knees.

may the sun not scorch them by day.
nor the moon by night.

fill their hunger.
quench their thirst.
keep them warm.

make them land safely.
make them find peace.
make us find peace.
Jumi Eniola Odepe

Originally posted July 29, 2020


I heard birds tweeting this morning!


I heard them.

Spring is here!

New season!

Dew of heaven!

A time of refreshing.

Straight from the good Lord.


Oh Lord, I heard them!

Jumi Eniola Odepe

Guelph, ON.

Women's History Month. Women Will Rule In A Few Moons From Now

 Dedicated to Women's History Month

let me tell you something.

on a beautiful day.

in a few moons from now.
women will rule in.
every country in.
every continent of.
the world.

end child soldiering.
end the wars.
ceasefire here. 
ceasefire there. 
ceasefire. yup.

stop human trafficking. 
modern-day slavery.

children's rights.
women's rights.
men's rights.
the rights of plants, animals.

calm the storms.
negotiate. discuss.
rule with intuition.
bring balance. justice. equity.
rule of law.

peace on earth.

i'm telling you this thing.

on a beautiful day.

in a few moons from now.
women must rule in.
every country in.
every continent of.
the world.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Resorts. May I ask?


I love resorts. I love writing on beach fronts.

I love the Caribbean Islands. 

I want to sit in front of the beach all day. 

I'm black-skinned. I don't want to get any more tan. 

Long story short, I want resorts to provide more beachfront shades from the sun, for sun-kissed fellas.


Because I am fully tanned but still want to lay in front of the beach during the day without getting the pigment-changing, melanin-popping power of the sun.

Jumi's Law
Jumoke Eniola Odepe
ON, 2022

Saturday, 27 November 2021

10 Easy Steps to Grad School Application


Graduate school application

Starting a graduate school application can be overwhelming. Figuring out where to start, what schools to apply to, application deadlines, and finding out what graduate school offers your preferred course can be daunting. Below are a few proven steps that if followed, should take you from ground zero all the way to grad school.

1. Start Early

Start early. Give yourself up to a year prior to starting your grad school application to do your research. This includes researching your grad schools, grad course of study and if studying abroad, research your destination countries. You might need to research the graduate studies application deadline in your chosen grad school. Be sure to check your exact course as application deadlines might vary within the same grad school.

2. Get Organized

Your grad school application requires laser focus and pinpoint organization. I found it useful using an organizer, where I had three of my chosen grad school admission deadlines highlighted. This will keep you on track, serving as a guide throughout the graduate school application process.

3. Select 3 Grad Schools

Go on Google or your preferred search engine and research your chosen course in your chosen country, e.g. write Human resource courses in Canada. Based on the results that come up on the search engine, select the top 3 graduate schools that work best for you. Write your chosen schools in your organizer. 

4. Figure the Application Deadline; Prepare Application Tests

The first thing to do after selecting 3 or more schools would be to figure the admission application deadline for each school and note it in your grad school admission organizer. This way you know how to pace yourself.

Be sure to research the qualification tests required by your selected graduate school. If tests such as the IELTS are required, you will need to book a test date as soon as you can. Factor in test scoring time to avoid delay.

5. Gather Your Credentials And Other Required Documents

Graduate school application documents requirements vary from one grad school to another. If you are studying abroad, your requirements might be different from that of local students. You might be required to get your transcripts or other credentials assessed, it is important to factor in enough time for this. Some countries require credential assessment, be sure to apply for this as soon as possible.

6. Apply For Scholarships

Applying for scholarships is not my forte, it becomes inevitable however at the face of graduate studies expenses, and even more, if you are going to be an international student. Be sure to research as many available resources as you can. From race-specific scholarships, gender-specific scholarships, country/continent-specific scholarships to subject-specific scholarships, comb them all out online. Applying for scholarships should top your to-do list as most scholarships are time-sensitive.

7. Send In Your Admission Package

By now you have done so much work on your application. You have gathered all required documents for your grad school application and you have received your test results as they might form part of your application documents. The next step is to send your application package to the graduate schools you selected. This can be done as soon as the grad school opens up the application portal for the year in question. 

8. Apply For Your Travel Documents

If you are studying abroad, you will need travel documents. Research the travel documents peculiar to your situation early enough. If your study destination is Canada, you can start your study permit application here. Application processing periods for travel documents vary from one country to the other, be sure to factor in the processing period. This can get you stuck if not settled early enough.


Tips:  Apply for your travel documents as soon as you receive your grad school admission letter. If you observe delays in receiving your travel documents, contact your grad school at your earliest convenience to defer your admission to the next session.

9. Prepare For The Weather

If you are studying abroad,  the weather conditions in your destination country might be different from that of your home country. Be sure to research appropriate weather clothing and get all you will need before leaving your home country.

10.  Land On Time

Congrats, all your hard work has paid off!! You have been granted admission into grad school and your travel documents are all ready. It is important to get to your grad school before the orientation day and welcome dinners. You will want to factor this in while booking your travel tickets. It is absolutely a good start to have a formal induction into your graduate school.

By Jumoke Eniola Odepe
Never Stop Writing

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

For the Gen Z and Generation Alpha - It's All About Diversity



"Racism is synonymous with ignorance. And for a man to rid himself of racism, he must travel...both within and without. Either in books or on land" - Jumi D. Odepe

If there's anything I'm excited about the next generation, it's that, they are saying no to racism and lack of inclusion.  

For them, there's no space for all the carryovers of race theories that transitioned from the dark ages, the middle ages, the recent ages; from ages when mankind had their eyes on their knees and lacked sight of the horizons.

Gen Z and Generation Alpha know that diversity is the future and they have embraced it.

They are aware that to rid one's mind of racism, misogyny and other myopic mindsets, one needs to travel and see other cultures. Open your mind to possibilities.

Possibilities that people are as different and as diverse as the stars in the skies. As the sands on the seashores.

These ones are going out of their ways to say no to centuries-old colorism and separationism and racial-politicalism and all forms of ethnic-based idiotism.

Toast to them. Toast to them.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe 

Long Live Diversity

Tenerife, Spain's Canary Islands.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021


Jumi Odepe
Photo Credit: David Rotimi 



"But my ultimate pain is not in the millions of middle-class Nigerians seeking refuge in foreign lands, but in the poor lower-class individuals left in Nigeria who have no such choice. Our most vulnerable citizens are dying and I feel helpless"                                          - Jumoke Eniola Odepe

"History will judge societies and governments and their institutions, not by how big they are or how well they serve the rich and the powerful, but by how effectively they respond to the needs of the poor and the helpless." - Cesar Chavez

NAME                                                                                  PERIOD

1. ALHAJI ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA                    1960 - 1966

2. CHIEF BENJAMIN NNAMDI AZIKIWE                OCT. 1, 1963 – JAN. 16, 1966

3. MAJOR GENERAL AGUIYI IRONSI                        JAN. 16, 1966 – JUL. 29, 1966

4. GENERAL YAKUBU GOWON                                AUG. 1, 1966 – JUL. 29, 1975

5. GENERAL MURTALA MOHAMMED                        JULY 29, 1975 – FEB. 13, 1976


7. SHEHU USMAN ALIYU SHAGARI                        OCT. 1, 1979 – DEC. 31, 1983

8. MAJOR GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI        DEC. 31, 1983 – AUG. 27, 1985

9. GENERAL IBRAHIM BADAMASI BABANGIDA        AUG. 27, 1985 – AUG. 27, 1993

10. CHIEF ERNEST ADEKUNLE SHONEKAN                 AUG. 26, 1993 – NOV. 17, 1993

11. GENERAL SANI ABACHA                                         NOVEMBER 17, 1993 – JUNE 8, 1998

12. GENERAL ABDULSALAMI ABUBAKAR                 JUNE 9, 1998 – MAY 29, 1999

13. GENERAL OLUSEGUN AREMU OBASANJO      MAY 29, 1999 – 29 MAY, 2007

14. UMARU MUSA YAR'ADUA                                         MAY 29, 2007 - MAY 5, 2010

15. DR. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN                         MAY 6, 2010 - MAY 29, 2015

16. MUHAMMADU BUHARI                                         MAY 29, 2015 -  

'Why do we have names? I wonder. 

Why do we have names? You ask me.

We have names, my child. 

We have names, I tell you.

To be called that name.

When a demand is placed on us to recount.

To recount what we have done.

Be it good or evil.

That, my daughter.

That is why we have names'

                                    - 'Names' by Jumi Eniola Odepe

Jumoke Eniola Odepe