God, I do think profoundly about you

God is love. Love is patient, love is kind

I think profoundly about you Lord, my rock and my salvation

Though I can't see you, I see your operations

How you light up the world each morning with the golden sun

At night, you switch it all off, we go to bed

Your hands formed the heavens and the earth

This earth intrigues me .... like....

What if there's no earth? What will there be on earth? Would it be void?

But what would that void be? I mean, what would hold that void? Is it still earth?

This question is beyond me. It has plagued me since childhood

I guess, this is one of the by-and-by questions

We will understand it better by and by

But God, my questions aside. Goodness me! I really do think profoundly about you.

By Jumoke Eniola