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The Black Book: The Nigerian Movie Industry Is Evolving

  The Black Book Movie I watched Wedding Party 1 and 2 , I watched King of Boys , I just watched The Black Book Movie and, I know, the Nigerian movie industry is evolving. I can sense it. It's been a love-hate relationship between us all and Nollywood. One thing I always encourage my almost-fully-westernized kids to do is to embrace who they are, embrace where they are from, embrace Nigerian movies and embrace Nigerian food.  I believe strongly and I tell my children and anyone who cares to listen, that, if you embrace your food and movies, the world will embrace it for you, the world will understand you better and you then have the key to the world. It's a chain of related reactions. It's the way of the world. And that which I just said, is a very deep and intricate sentence. It's always such a pleasure to see good movies come from the stables of Nollywood. Movies that can be shared with international audiences including my children. Remember how the Nigerian music in

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