Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Ages ago. Thereabout. Before 2020. We.

we held 

newborns and kissed them we

spent time with seniors and

sat close to one another we

physically schooled and

shook hands we

hugged and touched and

partied in droves we

shopped loud and

chrismassed with families we

danced holding hands and

hold hands




kiss newborns



time with seniors




oh, what didn't we do?

Jumoke Odepe
Christmas, 2020

Monday, 30 November 2020

The profound tragedy of our stolen identity | Olasupo Shasore | TEDxLagos

Whose Angel Are You?

Just checking to know who you've been sent to help.
Whose angel are you?
Are those you are meant to minister to.
Languishing or okay?
As long as heaven and earth remain.
There will be needy in the land.
So I ask.
Whose angel are you?

Jumoke Odepe
Lagos, Nigeria
PC: Peggy_Marco from Pixabay

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

I love South African and Nigerian accents

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 Yep! I do.

Not a common saying but I do. You're more used to hearing gushes over British or French accents right? Yea, it's all acquired taste.

I can't have enough of listening to a Nigerian or a South African talk.

From the deepest accents in these African countries to the mild ones and then to the ones you can only hear the accents in minuscules. I love them.



Wednesday, 11 November 2020



No one wants war 
But enemies don't rest.

If soldiers don't go to war
War will come to us.

I want peace in the world but
not everyone thinks that way.

If you sit in peace
That peace ain't free.

If you sit in peace
Our troops are at war.

Our troops that fell
We won't forget.

My heart imagine the fields
Imagine the sacrifice.

God bless our land
Be with our troops.

Guelph 2020

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Sometimes we need someone to tell us "Before I open my eyes, get the hell out of there"


It might be an abusive boss. It might be an abusive working environment. It might be an abusive girlfriend. It might be an abusive de-facto or marriage relationship.

You are tired and scared. You are confused about the next step to take. 

You speak with a few confidants, they are scared too. They don't want to tell you to leave so you don't hate them for the advice later.

So you stay. You cry every day as you drive to work or you hate every day as you keep befriending your abusive bestie.

I know, sometimes in life, we just need someone to tell us "Before I open my eyes, get the hell out of there!".

Sometimes we need someone who will literally hold our hands and grab us out of a situation, tell us what to do.

But friends and family can be so careful about what they say. They want to safeguard their relationship with you so sometimes they don't tell you the way it is.

Sometimes they are scared that life might be harder for you if they tell you to leave that abusive job. 

And sometimes they are as clueless as you are.

But I tell you, staying in that hurtful environment is hurting your soul.

When you look around and you don't find that person to tell you what to do. You might need to look deep within and follow your God-given guts.

Wishing you comfort and clarity at this time.

Ola, New York
Year of our Lord, 2020

Monday, 26 October 2020

Cardio exercise for beginners who are not in love with exercise just like me


I don't love exercising.

I am one of those girls who are not gifted with the gift of the passion for exercise. I often wonder why people jog or run every morning, I say to myself, "what is chasing them?". 

I am one of those girls who naturally have a tiny waistline and eat so little.

But something started happening to me! 

At a certain point, my ever compliant waist line started bulging of her own volition! It felt as if I had undigested food permanently sitting at certain corners of my waist and won't just break down as fast as they used to. 

Suddenly, my flat tummy and flattering waistlines were giving way! My tops were not fitting anymore at mid body area.

That's when I woke up! Well not wake up wake up as in wake up. I still drag myself off my bed to exercise daily.

I found Amy's cardio video quite easy for a dragger like me who has to do it but just wants to get it over with and still get results!

Gradually, my waistline started behaving. I also started getting more conscious of my diet.

So, there you go.

I hope you find some fun as you drag yourself to exercise with the above video... Like I do.


Toronto, Canada