Nigerians Everywhere - I want to greet you

You were a high flyer in Nigeria, you had to move to the US, Canada, the UK, Japa, due to security.

 I wanna greet you.

Husband is still at home, wife is in the US, Canada, the UK, Japa due to the economy.

I wanna greet you.

Schooling outside Naija. Elementary school, middle school, high school, undergrad, or post-grad, due to the bad education sector in Nigeria.

I wanna greet you.

From hot weather to freezing cold.

I wanna greet you.

Missing home. Can't go back home. Scared to go back home. Decided to go back home.

I wanna greet you.

I see you, the struggle to settle in a new country is real.

I see you, you have to unlearn and relearn.

E pele.

I wanna greet you. I wanna greet you

Much love,

Jumoke Eniola