Photographers, Phone developers everywhere, listen

When you are taking pictures, think of diversity. 

When you spot a black or brown child in a group of students, bring that child forward to the light. Otherwise, that child will blend into the dark background. Never to be seen. It's as good as if they were never in the picture. Increase the lighting in the room, if it won't cast too much light on the other lighter-skinned kids in the group. If it would, find a way to go around it.

If you are taking a portrait of a dark-skinned individual, they need a lot of light. Like, a lot. It will make your photos look better and more professional. Why should you take my picture as an African and use the same lighting that you will use for a caucasian? You have to balance it, professionally.

All the above goes to phone developers.

Jumi Eniola


PC: Yang-Miao, Unsplash