Bugbe re ti lewa to - Pleasant are thy courts above (Hymn)

I love hymns and songs of praise. 

The love could have spun from visiting my grandparents, Baba and Mama, in our ancestral home. Baba and Mama took us to Sunday church services at the majestic St. Pauls Cathedral, Iloro, Ilesha. The choir at the Cathedral, each member tucked behind luxurious lamps, would sing hymns like angels. I fell head over heels in love with hymns during those times. Simply one of the best times of my life.

Needless to say, all family weddings, birthdays and burials were also done at the same Cathedral. 

'Pleasant are thy Courts above' was one of Baba's favourite hymns and I adopted it as one of mine.

Enjoy the lyrics and the video of the English and Yoruba translations of 'Bugbe re ti Lewa to - Pleasant are thy courts above' that I shared below 

  1. Bugbe re ti l‘ewa to                    

     N‘ile ‘mole at‘ife!                             

    ‘Bugbe re ti l‘ewa to                   

     L‘aiye ese at‘osi                              

    Okan mi n'fa ni toto                        

    Fun idapo eeyan re                         

    Fun imole oju re                             

   Fun ekun re Olorun                                     


2. Ayo ba awon eye

   Ti nfo yi pepe re ka

   Ayo okan t‘o nsimi

   L‘aya Baba l‘o poju

   Gege b‘adaba Noah

   Ti ko r‘ibi simi le

   Won pada s‘odo Baba

   Won si nyo titi aye

{Above: Sing along courtesyYoruba Hymnal}

3. Won ko simi iyin won

   Ninu aye osi yi

   Omi sun ni aginju

   Manna nt‘orun wa fun won

   Won nlo lati 'pa de ‘pa

   Titi won fi yo si o

   Won si wole l‘ese re

   T‘o mu won la ewu ja        

4. Baba, je ki njere be

   S‘amona mi l‘aiye yi

   F‘ore-ofe pa mi mo

   Fun mi l‘aye l‘odo re

   Iwo l‘orun, at‘asa

   To okan isina mi

   Iwo l‘orisun ore

   Ro ojo re s‘ori mi.

1.  Pleasant are thy courts above

In the land of light and love

Pleasant are thy courts below

In this land of sin and woe

O my spirit longs and faints

For the converse of thy saints

For the brightness of thy face

For thy fullness, God of grace!     

2. Happy birds that sing and fly

 Round thy altars, o most High

 Happier souls that find a rest

 In a heavenly Father's breast

 Like a wandering dove that found

 No repose on earth around

 They can to their ark return

 And enjoy it ever there

3. Happy souls their praises flow

 In this vale of sin and owe

 Waters in the desert rise

 Manna feeds them from the skies

 On they go from strength to strength

 Till they reach thy throne at length

 At thy feet adoring fall

 Who hast led them safe through all

4. Lord be mine this prize to win

 Guide me through a world of sin

 Keep me by thy saving grace

 Give me at thy side a place

 Sun and shield alike thou art

 Guide and guard my erring heart

 Grace and glory flow from thee

 Shower, o shower them, Lord on me!