African Proverbs

African Proverbs

"Won pe eranko to ni iwo, igbin n yoju

Translation: While counting animals with horns, snails too want to be counted!" - African Proverb

"Owe leshin oro, Oro leshin owe. Ti oro ba sonu, owe la fi n wa

Translation: Proverbs give meaning to words. Words give meaning to proverbs. When words are lost, we find them with proverbs" - African Proverb

"Bi a da sho fo'le, aa pa laro:

Translation: If we sew a  new cloth for a lady person, we must dye it" African Proverb

"Igi gogoro ma gun mi loju; a ti okere laa ti n wo bo:

Translation(hard one here): Sharp tree branch, don't prick my eye; you must study the branch from afar" - "African Proverb"