Nigerians, Africans, Question the culture

Question the culture. 

Don't take a culture because it's been passed down for generations.

If it is repugnant to natural justice. Let it go.

Question the culture.

Why do we stigmatize women who can not bear children? 

Why stigmatize couples who decide to use a surrogate, IVF, or adopt a child?

Why stigmatize an over 50-year-old single lady?

Let stigmatization stop with you.

Question the culture. 

Why are building entrances just stairways?

Are there no people with physical disabilities in this land?

What kind of people are we? 

Do you know every sidewalk and building entrance should have wheelchair access?

Let this change start with you.

Let this conversation continue with you.

Question the culture. 

Why do we buy expensive aso okes just to wear them once? Expensive aso-ebi to wear them once. Why?

So much waste everywhere. Are there no poor people in this land?

See, as long as heaven and earth remains, there will be the poor in every society and care for them, we must. That's the way of the world. That's the order of things.

Innovate. Design aso okes that are light enough for the Nigerian weather.

Aso okes that can be repurposed; Reused for another owambe.

Aso okes are here to stay, I love them but

Let the waste stop with you.

Question the culture. 

Why are our senior citizens left unattended to in old age?

Why do the homeless go under the bridges for shelter?

Why are the poor and needy abandoned on the streets?

Why are the least privileged at the bottom of the totem pole?

Let this culture stop with you.


Jumoke Eniola


Photo Credit: Joshua Oyebanji, Unsplash