The Immigrant Professional (Part 2)

Pix by: jeffery erhunse, unsplash

Alex felt at home at the RC church. The message by Pastor Olu was directed to her. Within an hour, Pastor Olu had shared that the church had groups for all immigrant's problems. They had groups for the needy, the unemployed job seekers, people with permit problems, students who can't understand their studies, people in need of spouses, people in need of accommodation or roommates and people in need of tutoring for professional examinations. The support groups went on and on. They indeed had groups for all the needs! Alex agreed.

Alex joined the group for job seekers. Not that she did not have a job, but she had an abusive  boss at her menial job where her IT qualifications were neither put to use nor respected. That same week, based on networking within the RC job seeker group, Alex got two interviews from two different corporate Canadian companies. She got a position in one of the companies within two weeks of her visit to RC and joining the job seekers group. Alex could not believe how her life could have changed so drastically just by having the right networks.

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Jumoke Odepe
Ontario, 2020