Everything will find its place

Inspiration at activepens.com. Everything will find its place
Keep Hope Alive

When things go haywire.
Puzzles are oddly shaped.
Pieces missing.
Stacks falling like packs of bricks.

Domino effects.

When things fall apart.
You're shocked out of your wits.
No one to turn to. No shoulder to cry on.
At your lowest, you just want to cave in.

Unsettled. Blindsided.

Sending hugs my friend.
You are not alone.
Keep hope alive.
You're close to dawn.

Look up.

I'm rooting for you.
This phase will pass.
I'm telling you...
Everything will find its place because see...

They usually do.
They eventually do.
They usually do.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe
Toronto Canada