Black History Month

Black. History. Month.
I Remember -

Resilience. Survival. Strength.
Of The. Human Spirit.
Conquering Odds.
After Odds. And Odds.

The Mother. Hurting. For.
Stolen Kids. Fathers. Mothers.
Broken. Families. Kingdoms.
Earliest Civilization.
Some. Taken. Remain.

The Journey. Ship After Ship.
Boat. Boats After Boats.
The Water. The Carrier.
Bathed With Blood. Bodies.
The Atlantic. Ocean.
Could. Be Named.
The Mother. Ocean.

Names. Changed. Bodies.
Severed. Links. Broken.
Ties. After Ties.
Mother To. The.
 “A”. Plantation.
Child To. The.
“X” Plantation.
Never. To Meet.
Ever. Again. Ever.

Jonas. Male. $90.
Louise. Female. $75.
Moses. Male. $120.
But.  Jonas. Was.
A. King. Back. In.
The Mother.
Louise. Here. Exposed. Naked.
Was. The.
Prettiest Of.
Damsels. Back In.
The Mother.

The Mother. Shaken.
Slavery. Shaken. Colony. Shaken.
Mind. Slavery. Mental.
Things. Fell Apart.
The Center. Has.
Refused. To.

11.04 am.
Jumoke Eniola Odepe 
PC: Joshua-Oyebanji-Unsplash