1918 (from a million days of isolation)

|boy| |i just really want to| |get you|
|when you| |say| |the| |world reset|
|do you mean| |back to eden? organic?| |that|
|ol' earth is recuperating?| |rejuvenating?|
|humans, absent|
|horizons, clearer| |oh! we had horizons?| |my bad|
|pollution, plummeting?| |skies, bluer?| |milky ways, sighted?| |air, thinner?|
|ol' earth, wildlife's runway?|
|species endangered, resurfacing?| |habitat encroachment, reversed?|


|do you mean| |back to 1918?| |that|
|ol' earth is regressing?| |retrogressing?|
|humans present|
|restart from| |spanish flu? times| |pre-women suffrage? times|
|pre-ww1,cold war? times| |pre- brown vs. board? roe vs.wade? times|
|pre-when i was born?| |because then, i might have to be re-born?|
|ol' earth, pre-technology? times|
|bill of rights, unwritten?| |peace treaties, unsigned?|


|i| |really| |really| |boy,|
|i| |really need|
|to get you|

Jumoke Eniola Odepe
ON, Canada