African colleagues


Let me tell you something.

If you have an African colleague, she might have a different hairstyle ever so often. 

Don't be shocked each time she brings a new hairstyle to work. It might be weekly, bi-weekly, or less or more. That is the nature of black hair. 

You may say to her: "lovely hair!" if it is indeed lovely and you want to admire her. 

You may keep quiet if it's her bad hair day (except you are close friends, of course!).

Remember, you are not obligated to say anything. Good or bad.

Don't ask: "a new hair again?". For you do not know the battles she fought to adorn that hair before coming to the office that day.

Don't feel bad for her, thinking: "oh she really must have it rough with her hair". Because that is far from the truth. 

Don't think: "why can't she just bring her hair as it is!". Her hair is intricate, precious popcorned afro, the curliest hair of all, it's African and needs extra attention than most. She can't fully explain it to you, but you can research it if you are keen.

She loves her black, African, natural hair, she adores it. but, the more you look, the less you see.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe

Mt. Arlington