Monday, 10 October 2022

Nigeria - Corruption Impacts Everything


Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

Middle-class Nigerian elites are moving to Canada and other parts of the West. Why?  Corruption. Here is the chain; These people are running from a corrupt system; Filled with corrupt leaders who are doing corrupt things leading to a chain of corrupt events such as no roads, bad roads, no hospitals, bad hospitals, bad schools, kidnapping, and high mortality rates.

Nigerians no longer compete in or win medals in world sports such as the Olympics. Why? Corruption. Here is the chain; A talented athlete is found. The system can't afford to train him. Why? The funds that should go to paying for the athlete's training have been embezzled by the leaders of the System.

Technology: Why has there been no breakthrough in tech? Corruption.

Tokyo 2020. Many of the athletes were people of African descent representing other non-African countries. Why? They fled their countries. Why? Corruption 

Some of the best doctors in North America are Nigerians. Why? They fled their countries. Why? Corruption.

To be continued

Jumi Eniola Odepe


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