Thursday, 3 March 2022

Prayer For Those Seeking Refuge From Home

                                                               Dedicated to those seeking refuge 

Lord, I kneel in prayer.
before thee, most high.
that you protect all those running from home.

from war-torn countries.
from domestic violence.
from teenage pregnancy.

stuck along thorny paths.

in deserts dry.
waters wild.
oceans high.

between the devil and.
the deep blue sea.
middle of nowhere.

be thee their compass.
lead them by the hand.
have mercy on them. most high.

hold their feeble hands.
strengthen their failing feet.
fortify their weary knees.

may the sun not scorch them by day.
nor the moon by night.

fill their hunger.
quench their thirst.
keep them warm.

make them land safely.
make them find peace.
make us find peace.
Jumi Eniola Odepe

Originally posted July 29, 2020

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