Do Gen Z believe in diversity?

Yes, they do. 

For Gen Z, it is all about diversity.


"Racism is synonymous with ignorance. And for a man to rid himself of racism, he must travel...both within and without. Either in books or on land" - Jumi D. Eniola

If there's anything I'm excited about the Gen Zees, it's that, they are saying no to racism and lack of inclusion.  

For them, there's no space for all the carryovers of race theories that transitioned from the dark ages, the middle ages, the recent ages; from ages when mankind had their eyes on their knees and lacked sight of the horizons.

Gen Z and Generation Alpha know that diversity is the future and they have embraced it.

They are aware that to rid one's mind of racism, misogyny and other myopic mindsets, one needs to travel and see other cultures. Open your mind to possibilities.

Possibilities that people are as different and as diverse as the stars in the skies. As the sands on the seashores.

These ones are going out of their ways to say no to centuries-old colorism and separationism and racial-politicalism and all forms of ethnic-based idiotism.

Toast to them. Toast to them.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe 

Long Live Diversity

Tenerife, Spain's Canary Islands.