Toxic Relationships


It might be an abusive boss. It might be an abusive working environment. It might be an abusive girlfriend. It might be an abusive common-law partnership or marriage.

You are tired and scared. You are confused about the next step to take. 

You speak with a few confidants, and they are scared too. They don't want to tell you to leave so you don't hate them for the advice later.

So you stay. You cry every day as you drive to work or you hate every day as you keep befriending your abusive bestie.

I know, sometimes in life, we just need someone to tell us "Before I open my eyes, get the hell out of there!".

Sometimes we need someone who will literally hold our hands and grab us out of a situation, tell us what to do.

But friends and family can be so careful about what they say. They want to safeguard their relationship with you so sometimes they don't tell you the way it is.

Sometimes they are scared that life might be harder for you if they advise you to leave that abusive job. 

And sometimes they are as clueless as you are.

But I tell you, staying in that hurtful environment is hurting your soul.

When you look around and you don't find that person to tell you what to do. You need to look deep within and follow your God-given guts.

Find hope in my words, everything will find its place.

I wish you comfort and clarity at this time.

Jumi D. Odepe