Tuesday, 24 November 2020

I love South African and Nigerian accents

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I admired how Winston Duke successfully immitated the Nigerian accent in the movie Black Panther where he brilliantly acted M'Baku bringing back fond memories of how Nigerians end each sentence with "ooo." 

Oh I love it!

And how Chadwick immitated the South African accent bringing back fond memories of Madiba, the precious South-African Nelson Mandela and how I loved the way he said "I thank you" after each of his speeches. 

But I stand in wonderment each time at the political correctness of gushing over British accent even from the lips of my 5 year old niece who is yet to meet a soul with the British accent.

The rhetoric has been well established that the British accent is the nice, Queenly, sophisticated accent that we all must marvel at while in reality, our preferences over accents are as diverse as we humans are.

From the deepest accents in these African countries to the mild ones and then to the ones you can only hear the accents in minuscules. I love them.


Jumoke Odepe


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