Monday, 26 October 2020

Cardio exercise for beginners who are not in love with exercise just like me


I don't love exercising.

I am one of those girls who are not gifted with the gift of the passion for exercise. I often wonder why people jog or run every morning, I say to myself, "what is chasing them?". 

I am one of those girls who naturally have a tiny waistline and eat so little.

But something started happening to me! 

At a certain point, my ever compliant waist line started bulging of her own volition! It felt as if I had undigested food permanently sitting at certain corners of my waist and won't just break down as fast as they used to. 

Suddenly, my flat tummy and flattering waistlines were giving way! My tops were not fitting anymore at mid body area.

That's when I woke up! Well not wake up wake up as in wake up. I still drag myself off my bed to exercise daily.

I found Amy's cardio video quite easy for a dragger like me who has to do it but just wants to get it over with and still get results!

Gradually, my waistline started behaving. I also started getting more conscious of my diet.

So, there you go.

I hope you find some fun as you drag yourself to exercise with the above video... Like I do.


Toronto, Canada

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