5 things to do during the covid lockdown summer. Isolation/Quarantine fun.
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Most of us would rather be touring Europe or vacationing in the Caribbean, but this year's summer brings us a different kind of flavour with the lockdown. But because we are humans, we are resilient, we enjoy it anyway and make the best use of it.

I always look forward to summer. My go-to activities are going on cruises, visiting multi-cultural food festivals, hiking, taking long walks through downtowns, and picturesque parts of Ontario ( For days, I've daydreamt taking walks around the picturesque town of Banff, AB. 

However, I need to finish touring Ontario first. So many places to see). Last summer, I added travelling around Europe to my summer-go-to-activities list. For me, Europe is all about the walk. Walking through the intricate buildings. Goodness, gracious.

Hubby and the boys love everything water, I do too but I don't swim (I promise, there is an excuse for that.) which has kept me out of so many fun family activities for so long. My lovely friend and partner in the no-swim-life have agreed to partner again with me to enroll in adult swimming classes. While I look forward to it, I hope it does not end up like my adult-skating class. 

So, here are the three fun and safe things to do during this flavorful summer.

1. Turn your backyard into a swimming area

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Photo credit: Silvrwood from Unsplash

While some public swimming pools have reopened, swimmers still have to leave their contact information so they can be traceable. Traceable for what? Traceable in case they had the virus before coming to swim and passed the virus to other swimmers or traceable in case they came in contact with a swimmer who already had the virus. Anyway, If you are someone like me, you'd rather swim in a private pool.

If you have some space at the back of your yard, buying an inflatable swimming pool, small or large, depending on your family size is a good idea this summer. What this affords you, is the un-ending access to swim at will and cool off without end while staying safe. Also because the pool is inflatable, you can do with it as you please after summer.

2. Go backyard camping

things to do this summer.Covid fun. Lockdown fun
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It was hilarious at first when at the start of the lockdown summer, hubby and the boys built a tent at our backyard. We simulated life at the real camp, just that we had the four of us. It was fun! The boys wanted to play computer games in the tent, so we rounded up our summer camp by glamping.

In your backyard camp, you can choose to cook, choose not to take your bath for a few days, switch off the wi-fi, leave the phones in the house, and camp like you normally do. Now that most countries can congregate with more people, you can invite a family to camp along with yours.

3.  Go tubing

Summer activities in the times of Covid 2020
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Recently, my family went tubing on the Elora- Fergus grand river and it was a blast. Tubing can be as much a family activity as it can be social. Go tubing these holidays with your immediate family, hopefully on a day when there are not too many people on the river. If other families are tubing at the same time, be sure to practice social distancing.

More importantly, covid is still here but don't get sick, don't lose hope and know you may be alone but you are deeply loved.

By Jumoke Eniola