What is the IELTS English language test?

The International English Learning Testing System also known as IELTS is an internationally recognized English test that measures the language proficiency of individuals who want to live, study, or work in areas where the English language is the language of communication. 

Test takers typically self-study using IELTS textbooks or engage tutors to prepare for the test.

The test is recognized by global immigration authorities, universities, colleges, and professional bodies.

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IELTS is designed to access the ability of test-takers by measuring their English language proficiency on a band score between 1 to 9, 1 being the non-user score and 9 being the expert score. You will be tested on the following:


The International English Learning Testing System is available in Academic and General Training.

By Jumoke Eniola
Photo credit: Kevin Phillips from Pixabay