The Things You Know About People Of African descent

Photo by Jackson David from Pixbay

What you think about blacks people of African descent is from negative media shared for centuries

"Slaves". "Son of a slave". "Generation of slaves." How convenient

What you weren't told though

Is that "slaves" are people stolen from Africa

Kidnapped, trafficked, traded, stolen - synonyms

By who? Do you mean who stole them? Google "the book of Negroes," read or watch the movie


    that "slaves" had fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and dogs... just like you

    that with each stolen "slave," African families were broken, mothers went berserk, lost their minds,        they died insane, searching for their missing families

    that "slaves" came from established African cultures and kingdoms

    that some blacks you see still hurt from the intrusion
    most just want to find their roots, you took that from them

    that after "slaves" were stolen from Africa
    things fell apart, the center has refused to hold 

So, next time you say the word "slaves," do think deeply

Next time you see a person of  African descent, think deeply

Now that you are more informed

Go do the right thing.