February (Culled from a collection of 6 days in poetry)


Black. History. Month.
I Remember

Resilience. Survival. Strength
Of The. Human Spirit.
Conquering Odds.
After Odds. And Odds.

The Mother. Hurting. For
Stolen Kids. Fathers. Mothers.
Broken. Families. Kingdoms.
Earliest Civilization.
Some. Taken. Some Remain.

The Journey. Ship After Ship.
Boat. Boats After Boats.
The Water. The Carrier.
Bathed With Blood. Bodies.
The Atlantic. Ocean.
Could. Be Named.
The Mother. Ocean.

Names. Changed. Bodies
Only. If. Only. The
Names. Were. Unchanged.
We. Could. Have. Traced. Our
Steps. Back. To The
Tribe. To. Tribe.
Village. To. Village
Country. To. Country.


Severed.  Links. Broken
Ties. After Ties.
Mother To. The
 “A”. Plantation.
Child To. The
“X” Plantation.
Never. To Meet.
Ever. Again. Ever.

Jonas. Male. $90.
Louise. Female. $75.
Moses. Male. $120.
But.  Jonas. Was
A. King. Back. In
The Mother.
Louise. Here. Exposed. Naked.
Was. The
Prettiest. Of
Damsels. Back In
The Mother.

The Mother. Shaken.
Slavery. Shaken. Colony. Shaken.
Mind. Slavery. Mental.
The. Mother's Mental.
Things. Fell Apart.
The Center. Has
Refused. To

By Jumoke Odepe

(Dedicated to the Black History Month, the poem "February"  explores the strength and unrelenting spirit of the African Americans, the untold pain, confusion and mental unrest experienced by the African continent ( called "the mother") at the loss of her own through the intrusion of slavery and colonization)
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