3 things African leaders must do to have an Africa that works - Part 4 (Final part)

                      Welcome to the final part of these 4 part series

I can not round up these 4 part series without mentioning what part African leaders have to play in building an Africa that works. The leaders are everything. I simplified my thoughts in 3 letters - VSR.

1. V - Vision - African leaders must have a vision for Africa: 

What is the plan? To mention a few, what is the plan for the African youth? What is the plan to stop child-soldier-ing? What is the plan to end poverty and bridge the wide gap between the rich and the poor? What exactly is the plan?

2. S - Share - African leaders must share the vision:

Africans are eager to know where the continent is going. Since where the head goes, the body follows, it is important that Africans know the African vision. African leaders must find an avenue to share the African vision with Africans. There has to be a family meeting.

3. R - Run- Africans must run with the vision:

The leaders serving as forerunners, Africans must together run with the African vision. 

I can but I won't engage in explaining the above dichotomies. It is complex yet as simple as VSR☝. 

Let's get to work.

Jumi Eniola Odepe
Nigeria / Canada