The African Dream .........Part 1 (Finally found the African dream)

Welcome to Part 1 in these 4 part series.

Two years ago, I started a journey, entirely on a frolic of my own, to find the African dream. My desire to know the African dream stemmed from the fact that "....where there is no vision, the people perish" .... little wonder. I also started this journey because I noted that thousands of brilliant Africans were and are still fleeing the continent as there is no clear blueprint for the future. More like a car going nowhere situation, more like an accident about to happen situation.

Within the past two years, I conversed with diverse Africans, from airport workers while I'm on a trip, to the crannies of my kitchen while hosting friends. Our conversation, often mild to medium passionate, almost always bother on Africa, her problems and solutions. We always conclude, sometimes after heated arguments, that, for Africa to work, we need new visionary leadership. After each conversation, when the information is not voluntarily offered, I ask "As an African, if Africa is fixed, will you go back home to Africa?", I always get the same answer "in a blink".

Three weeks ago, while deep thinking about Africa and my conversations, it dawned on me that I found what I was looking for! The African dream is to have an Africa that works.

Penned by Jumi Odepe