Thursday, 24 October 2019

Engage - to have an Africa that works, all Africans must engage, Let me tell you how - Part 3

                      Welcome to Part 3 in these 4 part series

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In Part 1 & 2, I told you how I found the African dream and mentioned 10 highlights of "an Africa that works". 

Today, I am sharing my thoughts on the one thing that we need to do as Africans to achieve an Africa that works.

I came up with just one word - ENGAGE

Every African must engage in nation building and achieving an Africa that works.

  1. Because we owe it to ourselves and to our children. You can tell the kids in the future, "I did my part" or "join me in doing my part"
  2. Because some Africans are perishing in Africa, they have no wherewithal to leave Africa for "greener pastures"
  3. Because in the words of my friend Baba Alalade, a king might come someday, in the "greener pastures", that will not know Joseph again, where will the Israelites then go? (Exodus 1:8) Selah
  4. Because we are rich in melanin, we don't blend in, we stand out. For us, home is partly where you live (Maybe the North pole🥰), but essentially, where you come from (Africa).

"Engage" simply means to get involved in your own capacity. The whole idea is to achieve a group of Africans, using one voice to speak the solutions to our African problems. Rather than complain about it consistently, start doing something positive about it consistently.

A few examples of ways to engage:

  • Don't give excuses
  • Join or volunteer in an organisation that is already engaged in your African passion
  • Use your social media (facebook, instagram, blog, vlog etc.) to convey the solution (not the problem)
  • If passionate about poverty eradication in Africa - sponsor an African child, an African family or an African village. See the World vision model at You can also join such organisations
  • Movies go a long way in nation building. Especially for a continent that loves movies like Africa. If you are passionate about poor Nollywood productions - join/volunteer in Nollywood, write your own scripts,direct and produce your own scripts that reflects the Africa you dream of (you can start your movie productions on you tube) 
  • Use the technology you know or the means you have to get your African solution message out there.

Phew, putting these thoughts together was something! Let's get to work

- by Jumi Odepe


ade said...

This is amazing... I love it!

Jumoke said...

Thanks Ade!