10 highlights of an Africa that works - Part 2, the African dream series

                                                 Welcome to Part 2 in these 4 part series

Good to have you here. 
In Part 1, I mentioned my quest to know and my finding of the African dream. I discussed how I found out that the African dream is to have an Africa that works. 

My findings led to the question, what do we mean by "an Africa that works?". Below are my 10 highlights.

An Africa that works means an Africa:
1. with excellent, visionary leadership who write the vision plainly and lead Africans to run with it
2. with accountable leaders that genuinely and actively care for Africans
3. that actively defend the interests of Africans all over the world
4. that has SMART goals towards sustainable development and poverty eradication 
Smart Goal

5. that is safe to live in, safe to invest in and safe for tourism
6. where human dignity is a holy grail in the constitution, in-amendable and actively practiced daily
7. where the culture of excellent customer service is an unwritten part of the constitution.Taught to and practiced by Africans from birth
8. that takes 100% responsibility for Africa's growth. Where every African knows that no nation is coming to save us. We are enough and we must each take responsibility to save Africa
9. where education is a must from 0 to 18 years, with public schools beefed up to accommodate this mandate
10. that is safe for all the brains drained from Africa, to come back home to live and contribute. Safe for African Americans to trace home and come to live if they desire.

Jumoke Odepe
Guelph, 2019