A Summer in Europe: Rome through my lens, Africa in my thoughts

After our 7 days visit on the island of Tenerife, next stop was Rome. What a beautiful history. It was intriguing to know that Rome was called Roma by the natives! I could not but draw parallels between the Roman ruins, the huge tourism in Rome and Africa. The main difference being the value the Romans have attached to their history and heritage. Tourists come from the four corners of the earth to view the Roman history largely because it was one of the greatest empire in history and also because of the value the Romans have attached to their history and preservation thereof. From the ruins in Ile-ife in Nigeria to the ruins of the Benin empire, Nigeria, and other great histories in Africa, have we attached enough value to nurture it and birth such amount of tourism? Question. 

I will tell Europe through my eyes in pictures.... enjoy!

1. The Colosseum - gladiators walked these grounds thousands of years ago!
Inside the Colosseum. Gladiators fought down there thousands of years back!
The Senate, Julius Ceaser's burial ground and Other Ruins

Hop on, hop off tour buses made the visit to Rome wholesome!
Outside view
Inside the Colosseum

- Written by Jumi Odepe