Tuesday, 16 July 2019

A Summer in Europe - Touch down Switzerland. Touch down Spain

Does anyone ever get 2 months of vacation in a stretch? That's me right now.. thanks to hubby. It happens maybe once in a lifetime! The journey started when schools closed..and I took some lotssss of time off work.

We decided a good place to start our Europe tour after landing in Basel, Switzerland was a 7 day stay at the exotic Santa Barbara resort, on an island in Spain. So off we went! I will tell this story in pictures!

1. Santa Barbara Resort, Tenerife Island, Spain

The exotic Santa Barbara resort, Tenerife Island, Spain

Boat ride on the Atlantic Ocean, with dolphins and whales displaying their skills!
Santa Barbara Resort, Tenerife Island

Vacation joy!

2.  Basel, Switzerland 

At the River Rhein, Basel

The spot where Germany, France and Switzerland meet. Awesome!
Family time at SMC, Basel

Slide my City, fun in Basel

  Come along as I share my intriguing 2 months plus vacation and tour of the fascinating continent of Europe.                                       

Cheers, Jumi Odepe

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