1619 - 400 years now, Lest we forget

when did slavery start and what are the impacts of slavery to Africa, Africans, blacks and the world today?

1619 - History has it that slavery started this year. 

It might have started earlier or later, who knows? What we do know however is that 1619 as history has it, for the sake of argument, marked the start of trouble that generations can't solve both for Africans left behind, Africans carted away on ships and the world at large. 

For those carted away - the longing to know the roots. What country, what city, what village in Africa could my ancestors have been from seems to be the leading question. 

For those left in Africa- A huge part of history was taken. the family is broken. It was undocumented, no treaties were signed, no records were found. A confused state is left.

In all these, Africans rise, those taken and those left behind are coming together, finally coming together, 400 years on, to build the mother.

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B Jumoke Odepe