Let us say this slavery story properly

Effects of slavery on Africans and every one with a drop of black and how to erase the hurts

No treaties were signed, they came with guns. They came with chains. Who comes with guns and chains to ask for gentle permission to capture a people? As a member of the African Nation, don't believe we sold one another out, that's the story left with us and it was well proclaimed. But as an elite, you must begin to question these stories, does it add up to sell my brother to slavery without duress, fear of chains, trade-offs, gunpoint, misrepresentation? Research stories such as King Ovonramwen Nogbaisi, the king of the Kingdom of Benin from 1888 - 1897, to understand how kingdoms were forcefully overcame. 

I have been to Elmina Castle, also known as Mina or Feitoria da Mina in Ghana, Africa, formerly the Gold Coast (where is all the Gold by the way?), the first slave trading post where slaves were inhumanely kept en-route the Atlantic, have you been there? Visit the Elmina Castle to learn more about our African slave history. Learn what you can do to ease the pain and struggles of those still affected by the repercussions of  years of slavery.

This piece is a call to question our beliefs per slavery as Africans, African Americans, every drop of African blood, to recognize the effect of the slavery monster on Africa and engage in conversations on recovery and rebuilding the African nation (the African Nation consists of everyone with a drop of Africa in them).

Forever Writing,
Jumoke Odepe