We as Africans must engage ourselves in mind reprogramming trades

From grass-root Africa to elite Africa, the children need to be cleansed from every iota of inferiority. 

They are not inferior to children of any other country or continent in the world and they must not view or believe themselves as lesser than all. 

Poverty eradication helps in this reorientation but how about the millions in Africa who are wholesome and have never tasted hunger or poverty? 

Can we sincerely say every one of them has an equality mindset or do they feel less than the average human being? 

This feeling of being less than human is mostly an effect of the poverty they see daily and the consumption of non-African negative programming. 

Our black girls do their birthdays and their cakes have Princess Elsa's picture on it. Please she's blonde! But that's their model. 

Tell me how then will these black girls see their kinky-haired self as the image of beauty! Let's start from here, let's recreate our African princesses, girls who truly look like them.

Where are my African scriptwriters? 

We as Africans need to engage ourselves more to create representation for the next African generation. 

Our school curriculum must build confidence in the kids, and by this, I do not infer only the elite, outrageously unaffordable private schools. 

All sectors must train Africans to emancipate themselves from mental slavery. How? We need to promote quality media content from Africans to Africans and especially to our next generation of Africans to see. 

Our African books should be comprehensive enough to be used in our school curriculum, African technology, African fashion, African music, African movies, yes Nollywood, African dream{what is it by the way?}, all these must be encouraged, sponsored, standardized, showcased, and reinforced.

We as Africans need to look within, own it, and live from within. We must own where we have been and also, more importantly, we must own where we want to be. We must own how we want our continent to be placed in the nearest future.

By Jumoke Eniola Odepe

Article updated on August 5, 2020