Keepers of the promise, to be shared for 300 generations and more

We are keepers of the promise of God really. This thought brings me to our kids. I recently heard a message about how Joseph prophesied many years before the Israelites left slavery in Egypt. He gave a prophecy about the Israelites exodus and how he(joseph) wants his bones to be carried along with them from Egypt.

When the prophecy came to pass 300 years later, Joseph's bones were indeed carried. How did the generation 300 years later know Joseph's prophecy? Each generation told the next and the next told the next. We as parents are keepers of the promise, we are to tell the kids about Jesus and tell them to tell their kids and on and on. That's all they've got. That's really all we've got when trials of life hits.
Pass the promise on. It must not get lost in translation along the path of the generations to come.

Keepers of the promise to the next generation

By Jumoke Odepe