My Top 3 Writers

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

My past time includes sneaking into literature and naturally I have my favorites writers. 

Some of them have mastered the art of using African voices in their writing - African voiced writings is always a breath of fresh air and a soft breeze in spring. 

From Poetry to Short stories and Novels, these 3 writers are my current highs.

1. Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi 

For her short story -"Lets say this story properly"

I started following Jennifer Makumbi like a lost chick staying close to mother hen for fear of getting lost the umpteenth time after reading her award winning short story "Lets say this story properly."

A skillfully woven together short fictional narrative, Jennifer captured her readers from the first sentence, with the aid of rhetoric's such as "who dies on Easter morning with the their pants down", she takes readers from an ordinary morning in the life of a couple in a beautiful England city to polygamy, deceit, chaos and betrayal and the typical life in an African village. 

The reality of the fictional narrative was compelling! I was transfigured into the heart of the village altercations by the village women. I got the message the village women were passing across clearly. 

Why was I not surprised to learn the story won an award!

2. Laurence Hill 

For his book -  "The Book of Negroes"

I have always wanted to write a novel on slavery with a start on how real people were stolen from African villages, the journey over the turbulent seas and how they landed in their treacherous destinations but how will I make it convincing? Where will I start my research? How will I weave the stories together to make one useful piece? 

Lawrence Hill put my thirst to rest in "The Book of Negroes". I was enraptured from page 1!

I have not read a novel so big in a while. The Book of Negroes was irresistible from the moment I picked it from the Library shelf. I got intoxicated from page 1 and could not wait to unravel the journey of the stolen Africans turned slaves especially that of the main character, Aminatu. 

3. Warsan Shire 

For the intensity , sincerity and passion of her poems.

I marvel at the source, the wealth, the depth, the knowledge and the writing prowess of this delightful African beauty. I continue to learn.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe