When African hair started to Rock

With accepting our natural hair, we suddenly see a new wave of acceptance, more magazines featuring it, more spots on TV shows, researchers suddenly came up with theories on how black girls are super attractive erasing their former black theories! 

Whatever happened? What happened? 

Suddenly I see products of this world, the cremes and oils of this world, the anti-heat sprays of this world, the hair manufacturing companies of this world, all making products especially for the kinky, afro, natural hair, big chop, detangling, moisturizing of the African hair.

But seriously what happened? I proposed the theory of universal acceptability to which my friends giggled. 

That the moment a people choose to redefine what is acceptable, what is beautiful, what is appropriate, the universe releases support. 

In other words, when we sanctioned the kinky 'fro as beautiful the way it grows out of our heads, untamed, curled, the curliest of curls! 

A new definition of hair beauty was introduced to the universe, the universe was left with no choice but to introduce a wide range of support through the hair care industry, and all that revolves around it. but that's a story for another day.

Jumoke Eniola Odepe