Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Childhood un-laughed memories - The Living in Nigeria never bored me series

Childhood memories

When I'm not wondering if human debris has started gathering in space or brainstorming about some catchy stuff to write or analyzing some futuristic UFO's or scheming how to solve matters that deeply concern the human race or wondering what type of rum was injected into the first human who traded in slaves, I flashback on my beautiful childhood memories in Nigeria.

One of such laughable memory for me was how people would fish for infinitesimal monetary change in the church offering bowl after dropping their offering in church, while the assigned usher to the pew waits angrily at the other end of the pew to receive the offering bowl back.

For example, a woman might drop the Nigerian currency note of N5 Naira (the equivalent or thereabout of 0.013 USD) into the offering bowl and painstakingly fish out the Nigerian currency coins change of N4 Naira from the same offering bowl, neither minding that other church members were waiting to donate their offering into the same bowl nor minding the angry usher at the end of the pew, fuming at the ensuing fracas and held up offering bowl! How do I even explain this properly? 

My writhed facial expression usually reads why not just bring 1 naira offering to church? 

 Intriguing!! But I was just a child, it was an un-laughed memory, I'm laughing at it now.

By Jumoke Eniola Odepe

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