Prepare for the freezing cold

It was -40 degrees Celsius the day I landed in Canada for the first time, not a fair winter day. Armed with two winters decked up boys and a husband, we proceeded out of the Ottawa airport late that glacial January night, no amount of winter decking could prepare us for such a big freeze. 

It had been a long, tiring trip, well over 6,621 miles and the boys had slept, the freezing wind chill was like a hot slap while taking an afternoon nap, it woke them up with a start. Their warmed up, sun caressed African skin had never felt this type of cold before. I could see questions in their eyes as they looked at hubby and me, it read "mom and dad, what sin did we commit that you brought this freezing, arctic, Antarctica - foreign - north pole - cold upon us? Who sinned? We or our ancestors?". I smiled in response.

Tips: If you are landing in winter, pretend you have never been to any other country during winter as Canada's winter is colder than a lot of other places you might imagine. Dress as winter warmly as you can in layers. Leave no part of your skin exposed. They sell winter clothing's in Nigeria (I was surprised too, who buys them? Travelers do), get them before leaving Motherland, wear them once you land in Canada. Don't say I did not warn you:)