TOEFL: My Canadian journey starting point

ubby and I had decided we have had enough of Nigeria and the messy systems. We decided to move. Then we thought..hmmm! Canada might be a good place for obvious reasons. 

I had always wanted to pursue an international master's degree, so we thought, this might be a good time to study and move. I needed TOEFL English test as part of my admission application, so off to "Ikeja GRA" I went, I applied and got a date for my TOEFL exams.

I did my exams, not in the high brow comfort of "Ikeja GRA" as promised by the examiners but in a dingy location in Ikeja under the bridge, that is a story for another day. The way one of the center supervisors almost made me fail the "listening section" of my TOEFL is also a discussion for another day. 

I did the test and passed. I added the results to my admission package and mailed it to the Canadian universities I applied to. Actually, I ended up not needing this TOEFL exam!

I got admitted to the graduate school of my choice and the next daunting step was to  apply for a graduate school study permit. 

The truth is that it is a daunting process that is absolutely surmountable. Hope this helps!