Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Grad School First Class Presentations

Grad School Presentations and Lectures

I was not prepared for my first class presentation as an international student in grad school. Shame? Well, if you schooled where I schooled, you might be nervous too. We had daily class presentations in nearly all my courses. Classes were nothing like what I was used to in Nigeria where the lecturer comes in to dictate notes for the 3 hour class period. I wrote so many notes back then, using all forms of shorthand, I was a stenographer. The classes were gigantic back in Nigeria and my smallest lectures had at least a hundred students. On the flip, as an international student, I found myself in smaller "seminars", usually less than 15 students per class. I was initially confused about the word "seminars" used interchangeably with lectures or classes. 

With continuous presentation practices, I eventually got a hang of it.

Tips: Prepare - You might find class presentations daunting if you are fresh from university and you had not worked professionally before your international graduate studies. The key to a successful class presentation is good preparation, know your topic well, rehearse it out loud and go to class confidently reminding your self, you did not fly over 6000 miles to chicken out, and you are not paying the humongous international fees to fail in the hands of a mere presentation or to fail at all.

Image by Jan VaĊĦek from Pixabay

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