After TOEFL, what next?

After TOEFL exams, I got out my written list of desired universities offering an LL.M course, checked the admission application deadlines, and applied, if I had missed the LL.M admission deadline, I moved on to the next school.

Prior to submitting my application, I had to apply for all my law school transcripts from my Nigerian schools, compose a good statement of purpose {I wrote this at the wee hours of the morning, that's when my head is most awake}, attach my TOEFL results, references and other school admission requirements which varies among schools. And thus I sent in my applications to my proposed schools with angels on guard. 

A few months after applying, I got my admission letter, and then my Canadian study visa race started!  Phew, dear Motherland can sure make your heart palpitate!

By Jumoke Odepe