Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How I got to do my Masters of laws


How I did my Masters of Laws

Yes, I remember how it all started. From doing my TOEFL exams in a dingy location in Ikeja to applying for my Masters in Canadian schools. Elated by my letter of admission sometimes in April 2012, I sent in my study visa application. It took forever, forever means six months! I could not travel out of the country, not even for my precious mother's well planned birthday bash in the states. I was locked in Nigeria.

After missing the September resumption, I needed to make the winter session or risk losing my hard-earned LLM admission, I took a few laws into my mind such as visiting the embassy uninvited to request for my travel documents, getting there early enough to make the first 20 persons that would be attended to on particular days...weird but it worked! I got the visa just in time for the winter academic session.

Flew over different time zones into the new year, I must have had about 5 new years on the same night. Started lectures in school immediately I landed, my kids got their study permit status and could settle into school. And the rest, as they say, is history.

By Jumoke Odepe

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