How I got to do my Masters of laws


How I did my Masters of Laws

I recall how it all started. From doing my TOEFL exams in a dingy location in Ikeja to applying for my Masters in Canadian schools. 

Elated by my letter of admission in April 2012, I sent in my study visa application. It took forever, forever means six months! 

During the forever period, I could not travel out of the country, not even for my mother's 70th destination birthday party. I was locked in Nigeria.

I missed the September resumption, so I needed to make the winter session or risk losing my admission.
I unilaterally decided to visit the embassy uninvited to request my travel documents. I made sure I got there early enough to make the first 20 persons that would be attended to on particular days...weird but it worked! I got the visa just in time for the winter academic session.

I flew over different time zones into the new year, I must have had about 5 different New Year's on the same night.

I started lectures in school immediately after I landed. 

My kids got their study permit status and could settle into school. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

By Jumoke Eniola