3 things that happens in Nigeria that still crack me up till date

1. People who fish for change from the church offering bowl 

When I'm not busy analyzing intricate facts, I flashback on my beautiful childhood memories in Nigeria, such as how church members would fish for change in the church offering bowl after dropping their offering, while the usher waits angrily at the other end of the pew. 

So a woman might drop 5 Nigerian Naira note into the offering bowl and painstakingly fish out 4 Naira coin change from the same bowl. I always think you-might-as-well-bring-one-naira-offering-to-church? 

2. Ushers who wake sleeping church members up during the service

The church services are usually long back then, sometimes 6  hours! 

Often you will find church members sleeping during the long service. The ushers go from pew to pew, waking sleeping church members up. 

The most interesting part is usually the determined looks on these usher's faces. 

If the sleeping church member is far away, perhaps in the middle of a pew, the usher would painstakingly instruct the first person seated on that pew to tell the next person, who tells the next person and the chain goes on till they get to the sleeping individual! 

How do I even explain this? It is just amusing! 

My siblings and I believed back then that most of those ushers were wicked. LOL.

3. Bus conductors who tie passengers up to share their money

A common sight in the cities of Lagos and Ibadan is to see a group of seemingly unconnected people looking around at stalls and food hawkers in order to break a large monetary denomination into smaller denominations.

Often, you will be right. They are unconnected.

So the public transportation in Nigeria is quite stressful. Usually, at the bus conductor's instruction, all bus passengers pay their cash bus fares. 

If a few passengers pay a bigger denomination of money and all require a change, the bus conductor would check his purse and realize he does not have enough change for all. 

He stylishly waits till they all get off the bus and heap their change into one large denomination, the bus drives off, leaving the poor passengers to find a way to sort out their monetary issues

Interesting Naija!!

By Jumoke Eniola Odepe
ON, Canada
PC: Babatunde-olajide-unsplash