Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My first time in Canada - the big freeze

I wore my London winter Jacket when I first landed in Ottawa, the cold outside the Canadian airport on the day was minus 40 degrees Celcius. I would have frozen if Mr. B, my brother-in-law had not brought a Canadian jacket along to pick me at the airport. Emphasis must be placed on a Canadian jacket. That could make a difference between you following the route taken by Lots wife and you just coasting along with the big freeze singing "quid sera sera".

So to my friends who are curious to know what's the weather up here.  Yes, it gets pretty frozen out here, not mild like the winter you are used to if you are a regular visitor to London, England, or other chilly places in winter.

And yes, sometimes I question my life decisions and choices living here! What on earth could have made me leave the warm, sunny, all-year-round-summer in Nigeria for this big chill? True. But guess what? I'm grateful for every second of peace here.

By Jumoke Odepe

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