Nigeria and value of human life

Photo by Babatunde Olajide on Unsplash

Road sign symbols that show that animals are crossing intrigue me. 

It shows that not only human life matters but also wildlife.

A while ago, I was visiting with my friends, we had just had dinner at a restaurant near their home. As we drove back, I noticed the streetlights were off , so I asked why. "So as not to scare away the animals" came the response.

We visited our family friends in their countryside home a few years back , as we drove through their neighborhood at night, I noticed the drivers dimmed their headlamps ever so often, so again I inquired, why? "Full lights scare the squirrels so we try to use just enough lights to see oncoming vehicles." Phew!!

I immediately had a flashback to the cruelty to the cows at Kara close to the Lagos city entrance. 

The cows are clobbered till they bleed! 

Animal cruelty right? 

But the viciousness to animals that occur in Nigeria does not start at that, it is a reflection of cruelty of man to man. From battles for road space to fatal battles for political power.

Nigerians believe that change is coming and I do too. But with the rotten system that we have, in all tribes from young to old, in all sectors from grassroots to the presidency, corruption in the minds of literate and illiterates alike, my only question is how do we navigate from these? 

ogbon wo la maa da??

Again, just random thoughts.
Jumoke Eniola Odepe