Lagos thoughts

An unrelated pix from my book "Memoirs of great Ife"

On the pedestrian crossing, at the intersection where Heartland meets Rodeo drive, she walked so slowly, her left hand glued her mobile phone to her ears, she stopped somewhere in the middle of the road, removed her left leg flip flops, probably it caught a stone and it had to be fixed right away, satisfied the flip flops were clean, she wore it back and snailed off the road. 

In all of these, no car honked at her, no curses, no rush. The breathtaking silence ministered in hush tones, shush, a human being is crossing.

I love the peacefulness in these, the sanctity and sacredness of life it oozes. I could not but giggle when I played the same scene in Lagos, Nigeria, don't add up my thoughts but the saga might end at the ICU in LUTH.

Just wondering when change will come.

By Jumoke Odepe