Thursday, 14 May 2015

My African Hair Cut (From my list of random thoughts)


I cut my hair low! The type of low that makes you look like a boy.

Now my mom does not know about this, she might pass out and then get revived, then pass out again when she comes visiting this summer but I can handle that. I sure can.

So, why did I go for the big chop like my African sisters call it?

I wanted to! 

While I have some other alibi, such as a winter beaten hair, expensively useless salons, and more, I have always wanted the look of a short rough natural African curly hair and now that it is in vogue, am I rocking it? I bet I am!! 

Thanks to whoever started the natural African hair vogue! 

I have mastered the art of maintaining a very low hair cut from the hundreds of YouTube postings by my African natural hair proponents. 

From using eco styling gel to using a piece of rough cloth to roughen my hair and give that daring and contemporary look!!Thanks, ladies!

I have also learned a thing or two about self-confidence and carriage. I mean, you must be self-confident and carry yourself tall to wear short natural African hair in the midst of both naturally and artificially enhanced long hair. I'm quite obvious now. Not that I mind.

The morale of my big chop natural African hair story? Love yourself, be confident in who you are, love your hair and enjoy it anyhow you like it. 

Jumoke Eniola Odepe
Random thoughts.

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