Naija Nylon. From my collection of 6 days in poetry

Nigerian in Canada. What I miss about Nigeria. Memories of home
Image by: Anise-aroma-art-bazaar

six years away from home and i.
i could not have missed the memories

smell of naija. 

of blended beans, pepper mixed with sand.
dusty harmattan
of locust beans mixed with raw pap.

smoked catfish. fried meat. grilled fish.
puff puff, yam, pomo and ata dindin on
victoria island side-road gutters.

aroma that hugs the senses.
awakening the grehlin. as.
as you make way from MM1,
into ikeja
door into the city that never sleeps.

voices of stoned bus conductors, with their.
their doped up drivers. high as kites
"n baye re je!", "isolo wole, mi o ni changi"
"ee wa gboko ku o lona".

broadway show of commuter groups.
married by bus conductors.
forced to buy roasted corn
to break the naira note into
smaller denominations.

as i.
i unraveled nylon naija. 
filled with ogbono, garri, elubo
tailored bubu and kaftans
my mother sent me.

By Jumoke Odepe
All rights reserved.