How to apply for graduate school study permit

Applying for a graduate school study permit varies from one country to another so I made this article generic. In my case, for example, getting my study permit took up to six months. It's unbelievable but that is the truth. My international passport was with the embassy in my country for six odd months. That's almost the life cycle of a fetus!! This might not be your case as your own might be faster. I later learned that the embassy in my country had some problems at the time that I applied.

By the time I got my study permit, the September grad school resumption date had come and long gone. My hard-earned graduate school admission was gradually slipping through my fingers. My grad school was benevolent enough however, to accept my application to defer my admission till the winter session of the following year. 

Having laid that foundation, let's get to answer the question.

How Do You Apply for a graduate school study permit?

1. Visit the website of your applicable embassy to download the checklist of requirements for the study permit application. If you are applying from Lagos, Nigeria to Canada for example, see the application process and checklist as at the time of writing this article here. Be sure that you are viewing the most recent checklist.

2. Receive your admission letter from the graduate school (s) you applied to.


3. Prior to receiving your admission letter, prepare all the required documents for your study permit application. This ensures that you can send in your study permit application the same day you receive your admission letter from your graduate school.

4. Following the steps as found on your relevant embassy website (see step 1 above), apply for your study permit by submitting all the documents in the document checklist to the applicable embassy. Most study permits are submitted online nowadays. 

5. Follow up regularly on your submitted application. If you notice delays in response to your study permit application from your embassy that might affect your resumption, get in touch with your graduate school as soon as you can to defer your admission till the next session. Most graduate schools will grant this request.

6. Receive your study permit and prepare to start graduate school. Congratulations!!

By Jumoke Odepe